A company specialized in the repair of ligament and tendon lesions, Vetlig Global provides veterinarians with different ranges of artificial ligaments, tendons, reinforcement patches as well as the material needed for the implantation of these ligaments.

The proposed surgical technique is an adaptation to the animal of a technique successfully used in humans over tens of thousands of individuals for more than 25 years, and which allows the reconstruction of the ligament itself, thus treating the problem at its base.

Supporter of a minimally invasive surgical treatment, our technique allows to obtain extremely satisfactory results, and simple post-operative care: no immobilization, no splint, immediate support and resumption of a normal activity after a few days .

After more than 8 years of research and clinical trials, STIF Vetlig Global now offers a technique and products to satisfy both the well-being and comfort of the animal as the tranquility of his master