Cranial cruciate ligament rupture is one of the most common pathologies in dogs.

Extra-articular plasty is good in small animals.

Conventional techniques such as TPLO or TTA also give good functional results but are relatively invasive and create an irreversible situation by changing the biomechanics of the joint.In case of complications (11 to 17% according to the publications) it is often difficult to find a solution.

The use of synthetic ligaments that are now completely biocompatible and safe in terms of resistance is a good option. It is a non-invasive method that can be done under arthroscopy. It only requires 2 small tunnels that do not create any damage and do not “burn bridges”. It treats the problem at its core: the reconstruction of the broken ligament itself to reconstruct the original mechanism of stability.

The advantage is the immediate strength that allows the animal to “live his life” normally without restrictions or risks as soon as the operative wound is healed. There is no need to wait for the bone consolidation of the osteotomies, no worries on the part of the owner or the surgeon.

With the same philosophy of immediate strength, STIF VETLIG GLOBAL offers implants and techniques for other pathologies: tendon ruptures (Achilles, patellar tendons, quadricipital etc.), dislocation of the hip, hernias, disembowelings, muscle loss or fascia and all situation where the remedy would benefit from reinforcement.

These products are mainly for dogs and cats but can be applied for other animals.

STIF VETLIG GLOBAL believes that these products will help veterinarians offer their patients new options to enable them to return to their activities quickly with the minimum of inconvenience.